My name is Kitty Von English, I am 29 years old and a mother of two kids, with another due in September. I own and run my own tattoo shop in a small tiny, country town. I opened just about a year ago and apprenticed a year before that, I love what I do and could not imagine myself doing anything else! Tattooing is a passion for me and I strive to learn more and love to try new things.

I've been married for almost 2 years now and currently live in Canada.

I love art and anything that has to do with it.
I love vintage, burlesque, make up, clothes tattoos. I LOVE SKULLS. And everything and anything SKULLS, mermaids, the sea(though I hate water)...

I am a happy person. I ADORE Marylin Manson...
I currently have 13 tattoos and counting...two feet, three ankle, two side, two wrist, two arm, one back and one thigh... of all of them only four were done by someone else. • Ask me anything
I am Me